Coral Star – A Poem written about me…

So I’ve been trying to dejunk a bit and sorting through stuff and I found a poem an ex boyfriend wrote about me over a decade ago! Ha! This was someone I met about 14 years ago. On reading the poem, yep I think he got me! He was actually a really good Poet. 🙂 He also knew I loved Star Gazing and my favourite Colour was Coral.


I know a Coral Star, wears a Riding Hood Cape
Skin Smooth as Silk, with an Hour Glass Shape
A Colourful Rainbow in an Unpredictable Sky
Her Glow is speckled with a pinch of Dark dye

This Coral Hippie has a giddy giggle
That is sometimes compounded by a playful wiggle
She prefers the Night Owl to the rising lark
I wonder is she truly a Child of the Dark?

For I came to notice a Nocturnal creature
An unusual but strangely Endearing feature
An Emerald lass holding an Irish tune
A body in tandem with the Stars and the Moon

She seems to attract the Long Haired Stranger
Perhaps it’s the thrill of an unforseen Danger
What makes her tick? Is it Musical fingers?
The fog slowly lifts, but the Mystery lingers

A Passionate Star, Blood bubbling like lava
Could turn Wild, an injection of Cava
Yet a Magical Presence, like a Wizard’s Potion
And Moods that sway in a Wavy motion

The Coral is Cancer, incarnate born
Like the Werewolf, the Vampire and the Unicorn
A Heart the rejects the path to conform
The centre of a Powerful Inner Storm

This Vulnerability is seeped in Strength
The Coral Star will run to every length
To establish doubt in the Carnivore
A Child of the Matrix, Looking for The Door

And every second her Pulse does Beat
An Electric Energy with Globetrotting Feet
For the Coral Star knows no Station
Travels to unearth the Seed of Creation

She could be a Spirit who Hunts her Role
A Wandering Heart and a Searching Soul
A Sailor whose Ship will Forever Sail
Till she finds her Treasure, Her Holy Grail.

Girl with Star

I like this poem as I think it’s a pretty good reflection of who I am. So if another person can see you the way you see yourself that’s pretty good. 🙂

Have you ever written a poem dedicated to someone else? Did you share it with them? Has someone ever written a poem about you? Did you like it? Feel free to share or post links if you want. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Coral Star – A Poem written about me…

  1. No, I don’t think that someone ever wrote a song about me, at least not yet. And yes, I wrote one short song of one girl and read to her, in the time when I was obsessed with her…


    …Dok u zoru budim se rano
    i novi dan na me čeka
    sjetim se oblina milih
    što nekoć davno grlile su moje
    lice sneno…


    …When in dawn I wake up early
    and the new day waits for me
    I remember the pretty curves
    that once long time ago hugged
    my sleepy face…

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