The Sailor Girl’s Dream

Sailing pirate ship gif

She wasn’t a siren luring sailors
Nor a mermaid caught in a net

She was simply a watery wanderer
Who hadn’t found her place just yet

She wasn’t a wicked temptress
Nor weak reliant on a male

She was simply a sailing nomad
With quite the tale to tell

She sailed to move life forward
Swam to drown out memories

Of lives once lived and long lost loves
Dissolving in a sailors breeze

Seeking her Sea bound Soulmate
Adventure in his pirate veins

To weather storms together
In howling wind and lashing rains

Swimming side by side
Equals in the Ocean waves

Snorkelling diving dare devils
Discovering underwater caves

Basking in the Sunlight
Soaking up it’s rays

Throwing caution to the wind
Off grid in brightest days

Relaxing in shimmering turquoise
Stretches of tranquil calm

Protecting their sun kissed skin
With a tropical coconut balm

Discovering new exotic shores
With spicy culinary savours

Tasting a fresh exciting world
Of sparkling sizzling flavours

Guided by a wizards wind
To supernatural sands

Exhilarating turbulence
Revealing undiscovered lands

Of magic and of mysticism
Myth and ancient history

Sacred sites and standing stones
Places filled with mystery

Moonlit nights and sunsets
On an endless sea of blue

Aqua sways to slumber
Waking somewhere new

She’d sail with or without a partner
With crew or on her own

She’d forever be a Sea Spirit
Until she found her forever home

Waves of new tomorrows
Could lead to Paradise

The world was now her oyster
A planet’s reflection in her eyes

There was never any looking back
When she pulled away the anchor

For a life at sea on an Oceans dream
Beats being tied to one dull harbour

Safe Ship©


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