The Sirens Call

Moon Sea Storm gif

The siren’s call grows stronger
In the shipwreck of his mind
An elusive ethereal beauty beckons
To leave half life behind
To charter unknown territory
To sail the seven seas
To leave the mundane harbour
In enchanted expectant breeze

The sirens call replaces
The life of bliss once known
Of a love long lost in a thunderstorm
That tossed him back to his earthly home
He’s called to seek a siren now
Even if the seas are rough
Even if there’s rocks and gales
Even if the journeys tough

Even though she’ll hurt him
Temptress that she was
She’d help him forget his long lost love
And for him that was enough
The sirens call’s what moves his blood
To let the anchor go
To follow dreams of pretty things
To let his life just flow

The sirens song is mesmerising
Puts him in a trance
He’s plunged into dark waters
In a game of risk and chance
The sirens lure it pulls him
Further from the shore
Like a compass without bearings
He’s lost his inner core

Forgotten his direction
Music in his ears
Swimming to the sirens song
Sea salt mixing with his tears
The sirens song transports him
Out of his deeply troubled mind
Calls him to unearthly realms
Away from human kind

He’s waving to the siren
Yet drowning in the icy seas
Her figures just a blur
She’s the last thing that he sees
He sinks into the underworld
Looking for Atlantis
Hoping that he’s made the right choice
In a life of long lost chances

The mirage is slowly fading
In his psychedelic ocean dream
His life flashes lightning before cold eyes
In a dark and silent scream
Save me Siren Goddess
Take me by your side
To stay here in these waters
Is simply suicide

The siren was illusion
Like click bait on a computer screen
She was merely a distraction
From a love that could have been
Gasping in a watery grave
The siren faded from his mind
His thoughts replaced entirely
By a female of the human kind

The lady that had left him
Brought him to his knees
The gypsy soul that wandered far
Moving with the ocean breeze
He’d sail the seas to find her
If he’d known she’d cared at all
He’d given up completely
Surrendered instead to the Sirens call

She was just a mere mortal girl
Yet everything and more
He’d searched the world to find her
Enchanted by her tales of lore
The pain was too much to bear
When his love had left his side
He stepped into the deep blue sea
An abyss of certain suicide

Life jacket held in pale limp hand
Her ghostly face unearthly white
Her teardrops sparkling on the sand
On a dark and lonely night
She falls to her knees in disbelief
As his body stops its breathing
Collapses by jagged rocks in sorrow
Her heart forever grieving

She stares out to the raging sea
The angry crashing waves
Thinking of the long lost souls
And all their watery graves
She’d returned to land to find him
With her mind at last made up
But she’d left it much too late
Her love had given up

He was her world she knew it now
Her deepest bluest ocean
But wanderlust had called her
Like a tempting magic potion
She’d come back to him to give her heart
After sunsets spent alone
But now the Moonlight shone on death
Sea air chilled her to the bone

He’d left unthinking and unprepared
On a dark and stormy evening
She’d come to reconcile with him
Unaware that he was leaving
He’d given up on her some time ago
She’d returned to him too late
And now the deadly Sirens Call
Had sealed his tragic fate

Sea siren art


Art: “The Siren’s Lament” – Anne Stokes


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