Sadness found her
Alone in her room
Dark thoughts circling
Pervading Doom
Sadness took her
To the depths of despair
Quiet Contemplation
That life’s not fair
Sadness left her
On the edge of a cliff
Afraid to fall
Just stuck with it

Sadness found him
In a crowded bar
Drowning in drink
Hour after hour
Sadness brought him
To a candle lit church
Gazing at statues
Knelt on a perch
Sadness left him
Alone in his thoughts
Weighing his options
But still distraught

Sadness found them
In their darkest of hours
Struggling to find
Their innermost powers
Sadness took them
To travel the world
Sunlight and Moonshine
Rays of hope in the blur
Sadness left them
When they left the earth
Inner peace
Spiritual rebirth

Van Gogh The Sadness will last forever last words meme


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