“Perfect Stranger” Poem – Werewolf Poetry


Perfect Stranger

She Felt a hand upon her back
She Turned around and Saw
A Vision that seemed a Dream come True
She was in a State of Awe

She felt Rooted to the Spot
Completely Hypnotised
By this Perfect Stranger
With the Most Amazing Eyes

He was Handsome, He was Dark
He was Tall and Strong
But she could Tell by his Expression
That there was Something Wrong

He said, “Lady can you help me?
I’m in a lot of pain
I’m looking for some Shelter
Been walking in the Rain

I’ve been Shot, I’m feeling Weak
There’s a Bullet in my side
I don’t even know these parts
I need a place to Hide

Please if you could let me Stay
For even Just One Night
In a place that’s Warm and Dry
I’ll be Gone by Morning Light”

The Blood was gushing from his Wound
He could barely Stand
She said “What’s going on?
I just don’t understand?”

His Burning Eyes filled with Tears
He said, “I will Explain
Just take me to your home
Then you won’t see me again

I’ll be gone when you Wake up
Your Life will be the Same
Just help me cause I need you
Then forget I ever came

My story you would not Believe
I can’t begin to Tell
The things I’ve had to go Through
My Life’s a Living Hell”

The Thunder Boomed, The Lightning Struck
Lighting up the Sky
She said, “I’m very Sorry
But I’ve got to say Goodbye”

She made her way down from the Mountains
Sheltered by the Trees
She looked back once and saw The Stranger
Fall onto his knees

Head held in his hands
Alone and in Despair
A Tormented creature in Distress
And no-one seemed to Care

She knew you weren’t supposed to talk to Strangers
Believe the things they say
But she had to help the Perfect Stranger
She couldn’t Run Away

The Storm got worse and worse
As Darkness began to Fall
She hurried to find a Phone Box
So she could make a Call

The huge Full Moon Guided Them
Along the Mountain path
Then, Suddenly, She heard some Footsteps
And then she heard a laugh

She looked around, Her Friend was Gone
But there was Something there
With Helpless Realisation
She recognised The Stare

The Eyes though were much Redder
Than they’d ever looked Before
It’s Hungry Eyes were filled with Blood
And the Beast let out a mighty Roar

She felt so Frightened, She felt so Scared
She’d been Trapped and Caught
Why was she so Foolish
Should have Listened to what they Taught

“Never talk to Strangers
Don’t give them the Time of Day
The less you say to Strangers
The Easier it is to Get Away

Never Walk with Strangers
Thought they may seem nice
If you Walk with Strangers
You will pay the Price

Never Talk to Strangers
You don’t know What they Want”
Well, She was the Perfect Prey
For the Perfect Stranger, on the Hunt

Her Thoughts were interrupted
By a Startling Sound
As the Beast began to stumble
Falling to the Ground

The Mighty Roar had slowly now
Turned into a Cry
The Helpless Creature was still in Pain
And just about to Die

She’d heard the Gunshot Ringing Out
It Echoed in her Brain
A Silver Bullet Dancing
Through the Pouring Rain

Pushing Through the Skin
Tearing it apart
Silencing Forever
The Strangers Beating Heart

The Blood filled Eyes met hers once more
And she knew that She Believed
The creature was only seeking Help
And it had been Decieved

The Perfect Stranger lay
Lifeless on the Forest Floor
The Beast was now Transformed
To the Handsome Prince he was Before

A Man appeared from Nowhere
Brandishing a Gun
Full of Fear and Ignorance
And Proud of what He’d Done

My Poor, Sweet, Special Stranger
You’ve Escaped this World of Hate
But, Because you were so Different
Only this could be your Fate

Gun Men in the Shadows
Will Never Disappear
Always Ready to Kill
Anything they Fear


“Perfect Stranger” was published in the “Misty Comic 25th Anniversary Special”
It was illustrated by Stu.Art

“She’d heard the Gunshot Ringing Out
It Echoed in her Brain
A Silver Bullet Dancing
Through the Pouring Rain
Pushing through the Skin
Tearing it Apart
Silencing Forever
The Stranger’s Beating Heart”

“Gun Men in the Shadows
Will Never Disappear
Always Ready to Kill
Anything they Fear”

Image at Top – Rosaleen and the Huntsman – “The Company of Wolves”
Artwork in Blog – “Moonstruck” by Lisa Parker
Image Below: Little Red Riding Hood doodle I did 🙂

Little Red Riding Hood Art Doodle


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