His Blood Red Rose

Red Rose in hand gif

She was a Thorn in his side
He said
His words cut her
His eyes penetrated
Her soul and psyche
A Fairy Dagger
To the Heart
He didn’t realise
By extracting the thorn
He was also removing
The Rose from his life

His Enchanted Garden
Ceased to Bloom
The Blood Red Rose was no more
And with the sorrow and the pain
Came the loss of Love
Nothing beautiful comes without
A little work or a little suffering
And an intense romance
Vanished into the mists of time
A Silver Pendant falling
Strands of hair misplaced
A locket Lost but Haunting

His Lifeblood gone
He realised
She was not a thorn
But a growing blossom
That had to be navigated
Carefully and respectfully
He had failed to see
The full picture
Lost in his own shallow emotions
Disenchanted warped vision
In his Devils Mirror
Splinters falling into tears

A Rose is most beautiful
When left to grow
With others of her kind
Alluring and Wild
Dancing Gently
In the Arms of nature
Out in the Earth
Amidst the elements
Nestled where she belongs
Sun in her face, mist on her skin
Guided to the light
Swaying in the Breeze

When plucked she will wither
Start to curl up
Losing her radiance more quickly
In the confines of four walls
In the superficial world of man
Trapped in a Tower
Her Colour fading
Like Snow White
Red lips smiling
Soul Suffocating
In a Prison of Ivory
Encased in Glass

He wanted to
Bask in her warm glow
But he was damaged
So he crushed the Flower
As he could not pick her up
He could not handle her
So he broke her
A fragile porcelain doll
Shattered into pieces
Smashed into Smithereens
Rose Red, Fairytale Over
Life Grimm, No Prince

Powerful though she appeared
She was delicate in his hands
The Blood Red Rose
Was gone in an instant
Pressed in his mind
Like a Scrapbook memory
A Souvenir
Like all the Photos
That would remind him
Of his burning Passion

Tinged with guilt
At what he’d done
Yet unwilling
To see the reality
Of the Anger
That clouded his judgement
As emotion flowed
Blood in his hands
Thorn in his heart
Petals falling to the floor

Admire the Red Rose
A Voice said
Cherish her presence
For she will not last Forever
Her Beauty is Fleeting
Her Meaning Eternal
Her Memory Timeless
Her Legacy Poignant
And he saw how life slipped to death
In a single moment
In a lapse of judgement

She was his untamed Rose
Wild to the touch
A taste of the Claret Wine
Still upon his lips
Decadent and Opulent
A Sparkling Ruby
Plucked from the Wilderness
Taken to the Hearth
Forged in Flame
Once Fiery and Free
Embers turned to Ash

She was never the Thorn
The Icy Blade
Was his Frozen Heart
Which bled with Regret
As it thawed the loss of his
Blood Red Valentine
A Scarlet Ghost
Lost in an Ocean of Tears
Drowned in Crimson Rain
Streaming to a Watery Grave
On a Jet Black Night of the Soul


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