“The Artists Call…” Poem – Inspirational Poetry


The Artists Call…

A True Artist Creates
And does not follow
Blaze a Trail
Of Rainbows and Stars
Bring Colour to the World
Working from the Soul and the Heart
Where there is Darkness, Bring Light
Where there is stagnancy, Bring Movement
A True Artist exists in all of us
Embrace your Inner Power
Give your Life Purpose
And bring Meaning to others
Be a Ripple of Magic
In a Universe of Creation
Where Possibilities are Endless
And Artists are Magicians
Begin your Journey
And watch the World Transform
For the True Artist knows
Where Passion flows Love Grows
Be a Beacon of Inspiration
Making your Art your True vocation
The True Artist Sparkles
Like a Star in the Sky
Like the Fullest of Moons
And the Brightest of Suns
Keep the Magic Alive
And turn Fantasy into Reality
Conjur that Dream….
Manifest that Vision…

Sunshine Girl 2

Chakra girl

Poetry by Me
Artwork by Me: Sunshine Girl & Chakra Girl

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