“Where the Dragonflies are” Poem – Dragonfly Poetry

Dragonfly gif

Girl with Dragonfly Art

Where The Dragonflies Are…….

maleficient fairy gif

I want to be where the Dragonflies are
Where fairies flutter under shining stars

Pure iridescent shimmering wings
Seek ethereal, esoteric and astral things

Where there’s forests and oceans and fields of green
Pink sandy beaches in a mystical dream

In a lake of calm or a sea of bliss
Bathing in the joy of a waterfalls kiss

Rainbows of colour and rays of sun
Eyes that sparkle, smiles and fun

Powder white snow with flakes slowly falling
Mountains and streams where wildlife is calling

Trees that grow strong in woods that are wild
With long lost paths that were hard to find

Thunder and lightning and rain pouring down
Glistening and healing the tears of a clown

Roses so Red, Bluebells so Blue
Daffodils yellow, Flowers of all hue

Autumnal shades with leaves all around
Warming the world with a cinnamon ground

Simple and growing yet still as can be
A peaceful quantum of serenity

Where Moonlight is welcomed and magic is born
And waves become channelled in the eye of the storm

There is beauty and power in natures arms
Embraced and enveloped in all of its charms

No chaos no noise no machinery
An ancient place that’s loving and free

Flowing and dancing playful and bright
The perfect balance of day and of night

I want to be where the Dragonflies are
Flying or sailing to that Vibrant North Star

dragonfly and girl art

“Where the Dragonflies are” is a Poem I wrote in November 2018.

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