“Lost Lover” Poem – Ghostly Doomed Love Poem

Nevermore 2

Lost Lover

The Raven Circled in the Sky
Cast a Shadow on her Eye
As she began to Weep and Cry
On the day her True Love Died

Yet Still The World Went On

The Branches Swayed in the Springtime Breeze
As She Dropped and Fell onto her Knees
She Doubted the Pain would ever Ease
The Death that She could Not Appease

But Still Her Life Went On

The Seasons Changed from Light to Dark
But each of the four had lost their Spark
Her Life was Stripped and Torn and Stark
This Man had Truly left his Mark

She Couldn’t Carry on

She visited his Grave by Day and Night
In Dark Fall and in Morning Light
By Sunrise and in the Bright Moonlight
Her Lonely figure made a Tragic Sight

For Now Her Love Was Gone

Death had Taken Him Unexpectedly
For No Good Reason She could See
There was Nowhere She would Rather Be
Than with her Lover Wild and Free

She’d Loved Him All Along

A Curse upon The Reaper, Sickle in His Hand
Grim Entity of Doom, The Darkness in This Land
For This Day, She had Never Planned
She Vowed to Take Her Final Stand

She Couldn’t Be More Wrong

Grim Reaper Appeared by Candle Light
On a Dark and Strangely Starlit Night
You Summoned Me Into Your Life
And Now I’ll Take it With a Knife

The Meaning Was All Gone

She Hurt, She Bled, The Cuts Were Deep
She Fell Into an Endless Sleep
Away The Reaper Began to Creep
Her Soul he would Forever Keep

He’d Known It All Along

Star Crossed Lovers, Doomed to Pain
Never to be Seen Again
One Took  their Life and one was Slain
Perhaps Their Love was All in Vain

Or Maybe It Lives On

By the Hill, Beneath The Tree
Some People Say, They Often See
Ghostly Lovers, Meant to Be
Together For Eternity

Forever, On and On

“Lost Lover” was Published in the “Misty Comic Halloween Special”
This Poem was illustrated by Irish Artist, James Battersby More info on James Battersby here

lost lover


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